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Understanding yourself should be interesting, and the outcomes you need should be delivered promptly.


Counselling and psychotherapy that is simple, effective, and intelligent.


We're credible because we have tried this at home. It works.


We know you're busy.  We understand that your priority is to gain insight without the added stress of logistics.  We can offer after-hours and online consultations.


Serafin Dillon

Serafin's wonderfully insightful, down-to-earth nature makes her good company when you have an issue.  A provocative therapist, Serafin uses reverse psychology and comedy to help you identify the cause of stress or anxiety- whether it's a result of previous trauma, lack of motivation, or just nerves.  She's an excellent detective and insists that light conversation and kind humour are useful at deflecting the embarrassment associated with any subject.  Serafin claims that feeling good about yourself, being present in your body, and being able to 'let go' are crucial to your confidence - and her remarkable psychotherapy, plus her ability to lessen anxiety, could help bring this about.

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Bachelor of Arts, Graduate Diploma (Psychology), Graduate Certificate (Psychotherapy), Masters of Social Work, Masters of International Relations and Human Rights